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Re: [T3] On going saga

On 7 Jul 99, at 10:02, Grant Voigt wrote:

> Well after my mechanic told me about the engine tin I decided it was time to
> get my car out of his shop, I made arrangements with another shop, paid the
> tow truck, and was ready to move it when my mechanic told me I had to sign
> this contract http://www.kreative.net/mimbly/grant/VolksWerks or he would
> not release my car. 

What he is asking you to sign is a document that hold him totally 
unaccountable for anything that has transpired while still collecting 
$500 for whatever work and parts he has put into it.

I would insist that he produce an itimized bill with $500 worth of 
parts and labor on it and prove to you that you're actually getting 
all of them. You should also write up a similar document for him to 
sign that states that he agrees that you brought him a complete, if 
imperfectly functioning, car, engine and transmission and that it 
there is anything that you are missing or that is later discovered to 
have been damaged while in his possesion that he will replace it at 
his cost.

Of course he won't want to do this, so that will give you the chance 
to suggest that he just give you a bill for what he HAS done, and 
your change, and let you take your car.

There seems to be little point in charging you for storage since the 
car has been there too long, but against your wishes.;

You're probably best off if you can keep this discussion on a 
friendly basis and don't get carried away with talDyers and 
small claims court, but the possibility exists. I just suggest that 
you avoid the temptation to escalate the situation.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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