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Hello my name is SethJacobson, I own a 66 Fastback that I am currently 
restoring. It's getting to be more like a second job with every day. All the 
usual west coast companies are virtually useless for finding any real good 
parts. I finally talked to a guy at Cal Imports that said to get in contact 
with type3 detectives in england. I finally located them on the net and have 
sent off my first of many emails requesting catalogs are tips and stuff of 
that nature. The two main things I need at the time are 1, a drivers side 
door seal (not the cheepo brazilian one for $18, but the real thing), and 2, 
pop-out window seals with the chrome strip.  If you have any advise or 
guidance on getting my hands on those two things I'd be really thankful.

The not so pressing issue is finding an oil cooler for that thing. No one 
seems to know if thier oil coolers will fit on my fastback, it's like when I 
mention that I'm looking for fastback parts the person on the other end of 
the phone is in the room with me and I am infected with an incureable plague 
or something. That type of attitude is about what I have encountered the 
entire time I've been trying to restore this thing and I'm almost at the 
point of giving up. so inn help out then actuall you'd be the first.

Again my name is Seth Jacobson, I live a tab bit north of Austin Texas. My 
email is   thatnicegut@hotmail.com

I look forward to hearing back and your page is now on my favorites list.

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