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Re: [T3] 1963 Notchback S?

> > If the vin number is before 221 975 then it would be a 63. The 
>"S" started in the 64 model year of Aug 63 production. This is what 
>my VW T3 parts book states. For curiosity why do you ask?
> >
>Oh, no reason.  :)
>Actually, I came across a '63, VIN# puts it as produced near 
>October, 1962 but it's a factory "S" model.  All the cosmetic "S" 
>attributes are there and appear original - chrome strips on the 
>side, folding arm rest in the back, big arm rests, dual carbs., etc..
>It was purchased in Germany and used there for a while then brought 
>over here, maybe that makes a difference?

It shouldn't, "S" model was "S" model no matter where is was used or produced.

Folding arm rest doesn't make it an "S".  And the body chrome emblems 
don't make it necessarily so.  The 62 T343 I just picked up has a 64 
rear fenders and rear apron welded on.  I first noticed the air 
"trough" had the post-64 guard on it and made me investigate the rest 
of it.

Chrome strips... I'll have to check out exactly when those came to be...

And of course the Dual carbs could have been in the upgrade for those 
customers who didn't like the LACK of power from the single carb.  OrGa total engine swap.

Is the Gen Belt cover bolt on or spring clipped on?

I'm not saying that it's NOT a 63 "S" model, I'm just intrigued as to 
why it disagrees with the official documents.

Do you have the engine numbers?

Big Al


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