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[T3] 1962 Type 3 Ghia Autopsy

I'm sure THAT got some attention...

Well folks, I found another waif, lost in the back lot of "more cars 
than one can deal with".

David contacted me a few weeks back and wanted to know if IČ┤Doe 
interested in a '62 T34 parts car.

(OK, kind of a stupid question to ask me, Mr. Packrat. But David has 
not known me very long.)

Needless to say, out came the trailer, out came Big Al's RecuePack¬ 
and away we went.

So now that I get it back home, it's time for the autopsy.  Now don't 
give me that "EEeeewww", it's not what you think.  First thing I do 
when a new-old car comes into my possession, I rummage through it to 
learn about it's past. I check to make sure that the vin number on 
the chassis tunnel matches the tag in the front.  This one does match 
--  0 042 109  --  WOW it IS a '62 and from the production survey on 
my 1500/1600 Parts Book Online (see below), it's probably around a 
May 1962 birth.  The California license plate still attached to both 
front and back - expired in 79.

Not REAL early, but early none-the-less.

It's got the Push-button dash, still has the Ghia-only turn signal 
lever, ignition tumbler removed (I know why it was parked now), used 
to have the square-badged nose and WAS Pearl-White outside, but it 
has what's left of a red/black weave seatcovers and doorpanels. 
We'll have to check that out for correctness.  In the glove box I 
find a reloadable film canister (the type to put in the camera) made 
by 'ROBOT' of Germany  (no E or W), now I am not a camera expert, but 
the construction of this item tells me that it's about 20 years old. 
Can any camera expert on the list tell me the age?

A 6V battery still lives under the back seat, and it's correct in 
shape and size.  Big old sticker for a battery place in CA.  Probably 
dead, but it's appearance would lead you otherwise.

It had what's left of co-co mats, and  What's this?  A corner of a 
cover from an automotive magazine with the mailing label still 
attached!  It's addressed to Claude R Parker,  1721 N Rodeo Rd, 
Arcadia, CA  91006

The back of the cover advertises...  The NEW AMC PACER...  I kid you not.

and hey look here.  A Gas bill from Southern California Gas Company 
addressed to Claude R Parker

(BTW, What is the US statute on unopened mail found in the purchased 
car of a deceased man...  am I allowed to open it?  I'd love to see 
the date of it. There is no dated indicia mark on the envelope.)

Now... here's where the most puzzling thing is found.

///////// WARNING ///////////
Sensitive viewers might want to close this message now.
You have been warned.
In the back floorboard, behind the front seats, under the co-co floormats was

not one,

but two



Now I do not mention this for the gross factor, but on a purely 
physics curiosity.


I mean just sitting, much less doing anything requiring physical... prowess.

Therefore: This would lead me to believe (from this last bit of 
evidence) that Mr. Parker MUST have worked for the Circus as the 
Amazing Elastic Man.

Is there someone in California who could confirm a Circus in Arcadia, CA?

Big Al

(Disclaimer: the facts presented above are all true. The 
"conclusions" are my own.)

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