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[T3] FW: alternator

Thought I would pass this info along in case anyone wants to try it out.  I
think I'll pass because I think it would look cobbled together but it would
probably work.

Thank You,

Jason Renville

> ----------
> From: 	Andrew Bullock[SMTP:abull@uswest.net]
> Sent: 	Monday, July 05, 1999 3:25 PM
> To: 	Renville, Jason
> Subject: 	alternator
> sorry about the delay I was waiting for pictures of the conversion, but I
> will wait no longer. 
> things you need: 
> internal reg. alternator 
> connectors 
> small grinder (die grinder or drill with cheap abrasive thingie from
> Freddies) 
> Get you standard bosch internally regualated alternator, rebuilt or
> whatever. remove your generator. remove regulator. connect all three big
> red wires together. connect both small wires together. 
> remove distributer  cap and rotor, cover dist. with plastic bag 
> now comes the fun. 
> as you look at the motor the alternator will sit BACKWARDS 
> you will attach the pulley to the end of th alt. were the fan would go if
> it were in a bug. 
> you `%off the other shaft, but I dont recommend especially if it is
> a rebuilt one with a warrantee, then you cant return it. 
> the top ( flat black square wire terminal and plug) are to be at about 11
> o'clock to 10 o'clock. 
> now we need to clearance the alt and fan shroud. ( the aluminum one) 
> depending on the condition of your fan shroud it may not need to be
> clearanced, say if at one time it had a loose generator and so forth so
> test fit the alt in place checking for proper belt alignment. use the
> grinder to make it right. once that is done you must clearance for the
> distributor cap 
> this varies on which distributor you have. 009 with a standard cap
> requires the most. you will grind the side of the alternator so that the
> dist can be turned (adj. timing). One fix to this is get a cap for an
> earlier vaccum advance dist, same inside, but shorter top! questions email
> me. 
> once that is all done bolt it up. Clean up all the shavings! attach the
> belt. the strap may need some cutting or bending to make it fit well.
> attach your wires, and remember that from now on that big red wire is HOT
> unless you disconnect the battery. the swap can take between an hour to
> three depending. and yes I know that the alternator is spining backward
> but it still puts out full current and functions properly, As for Motorola
> Alternators, i havent tried it yet 
> have fun 
> andy 

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