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Re: [T3] {RE} Key Blanks

On 6 Jul 99, at 14:38, Tony Fulbright wrote:

> On the subject of key blanks, are there any manuals, articles, books of any 
> kind that list what the different blank {fit? I have a few blanks but 
> without this info I don't know what year model or type they fit. Can anyone 
> help?

Just a quick primer: Each VW lock and key has a key code. The key 
codes have the form NN L NNN where the Ns are numerals and the L is a 
letter. The letter is the designator for the particular blank that 
that series of locks takes.

For example, my old 68 had the key code 48 K 020. This meant that it 
used a "K" blank. Later VWs used an "M" blank. K and M are VW's 
designations for the blanks, but if you go to a locksmith they will 
use a different designation that attempts to cover ALL the world's 

The original keys had the key code stamped on them and the locks 
themselves also have the code stamped on them. If you want to have a 
key made to the correct profile, the best way is to remove the 
passenger door handle and get the code from that lock. I suggest the 
passenger door because the driver's door has occasionally been 
replaced and will have a different code on it, even if the old 
cylinder has been used to keep the keying the same.

To be really sure you can take both door handles off or even the 
ignition lock, too. The rear hatch lock on the squareback also has 
the code stamped on it.

A real locksmith can take your key code and look up the profile that 
your key should be cut to. They can then make a good key without an 
original. This is sometimes useful if the key you have been given is 
a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy....

If you are lucky enough to actually have one of your baby's original 
keys (each car came with 2), I suggest that you put it aside and use 
a copy for daily use, but always have duplicates made from the 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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