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Re: [T3] New VW organization forming: WAVE

> > ... because I am hoping it will be a loud voice for another
> > segment of the antique auto market (like fighting those morons who want to
> > crush old cars, instead of recycling them, f{purity" reasons).
>I'm afraid that a statement like this really turns me off. Is there
>really anyone out there who is opposed to clean air?

I think you may have missed the point.

There are laws in effect in some states (and in developement in 
others) that state that you cannot have a vehicle unregistered and 
immoble. It must be destroyed.  If this happens, where will our 
replacement parts come from?

Many of us beleive that this will lead to damaged cars unable to be 
used and crushed before anyone else can recycle it and use the 
remaining parts.

Many large companies have found a way (a way I won't go into) to get 
state representatives to allow them to fund car crushing incentives 
rather than clean up their own poluting sources.  The state reps have 
sided with bug business rather than the people they are supposed to 

We all are in favor of clean air, but we also would like to have our 
classic cars also.

This is why SEMA and other orgs have combined forces to remind state 
reps that business needs to police itself rather than getting the 
buck passed to the people.

For more info on this bill (and not making this email any longer) go 
here to the Texas Government website:

Hopefully this letter gives enough content for it's size.  ; )

Big Al


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