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[T3] lisa is dead!!!

she was going to be my baja 'back. now she's just my baja didn't get me 'back!

i was 10 minutes out of san ignacio about 600 miles from the usa border
when she started making some weird noises and then she totally seized up on

it was my fault for not keeping an eye on the oil level (i'm sorry lisa!)

with no parts, (not to mention the mechanics not having any time to work on
her), i needed to do something.
the next day i sold her for a measley 1000 pesos (roughly a hundred bucks).
yes, lisa became a whore, and i - her pimp.

i hadn't even had any surf yet! so what was i going to do? hell, i
hitchhiked the rest of the 150 miles with my board and everthing else i
didn't sell, to scorpion bay.
i surfed for a week. great waves everyday.

there were plenty of families from san diego, but no one had space for me.
fortunately there was a guy going back to the states with almost nothing in
a huge truck.

on the trip back we stopped in san ignacio for a soda. of course milton (my
ride) had to stop right across from the junk yard i sold it at. i couldn't
help but staring off into that junkyard, i got a little veklemped!

hows the tony bennet song go? "i left my heart in san (ignacio)"?

incidently the guy who boughglÆüd something about turn it into somekind
of off-road car.
i'll have to turn in to the baja 1000 next year and see if he entered it!

'71 san diego square "lisa"

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