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Re: [T3] '71 Squareback help

On 2 Jul 99, at 0:16, Matt wrote:

> .... I am looking at a
> 1971 VW squareback. It has a stock 1600cc engine, Fuel Injection, manual
> transmission, and is in overall good condition. The body is mostly rust
> free except for some surface rust on the body panels and in the spare tire
> storage area.  The car has some modifications. The front seats are custom
> from a nissan, it has custom wheels/tires.  The seller is going to include
> the original seats and tires along with some misc. parts and a roof rack.
> He is asking 1800 for the car.  My question is whether or not this is a
> reasonable price? I have mostly been looking at Type I's and II's so my
> knowledge about type III's is very limited as of now. also, are there any
> 'squareback specific' problem areas i should pay attention to?

If it is truly almost rust free, then this is a great bargain. You 
need to look carefully underneath, however. The important rust is 
that which is not obvious.

Look inside the front of the rear wheelwells and inside the rear of 
the front wheelwells.

For overall quality and reliability 71 was the best year.

You are bound to have a number of problems, and these will cost you a 
small fortune if you figure that you can just hire someone else to 
fix them. They can't. You have to figure them out with the help of 
this list. The mechanics out there don't know how to work on these, 
or have forgotten, or don't want to. Besides, they will just replace 
part after part until your financial resources are exhausted and you 
dump the now destroyed car.

If you stick with it and have the inclination and the determination 
to learn how to fix things yourself, this will be a great car.

Buy a good manual. This is the best:

Volkswagen Official Service Manual
Type 3 Fastback and Squareback 1968-1973
published by Robert Bentley, Cambridge, Mass, 1974
ISBN 0-8376-0057-X / LPV 997 383 / VSQU
(excellent book, complete and well)

It may seem expensive, but it is really the most frugal thing you 
could buy. Don't put it off. Buy it the same day you buy the car.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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