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Re: Oil Cooler: Type 3 Engine

On 2 Jul 99, at 4:59, Justin Edenfield wrote:

> The seals came with the kit.  I looked up my case number in Wilson's book
> - it shows it to be a '70 case.  Thinking more about it, my cooler may be
> a different year as well.  Maybe they were 8/10...  not that I'm gonna
> pull it just to find out, mind you!  I think I had to have a smaller diam.
> on the cooler than the case.  Which would make it 8/10.  Sorry for
> thinking out loud. :)

Okay, since these special adapters are coming with the gasket sets 
now, lets all of us remember that the GREEN SEALS ARE SPECIAL. So we 
won't use them unless we actually need them.

> Hopefully this weekend or next week, I can lift all four corners of my car
> and take care of the front brakes and rear end.  I am pulling right when
> braking (sometimes - at those times, I have about 1/2 pedal travel, other
> times, I have full pedal travel with no pulling), so I'll check what
> everyone has suggested (pads, discs, hoses, calipers, etc.).  The rear end
> is still stumping me.  I'll let yuns know what I find out.

Pulling to the side is probably a front brake problem. Make sure that 
your brake pedal is always coming ALL the way back to the stop when 
you release it. If its pivot is rusted and preventing this it will 
sometimes give the odd pedal travle symptoms that you describe.

One of the best tests for many kinds of brake problems is to feel 
each disXiÈfter a bit of a drive. If you have one that is so hot 
that you burn your finger on it, there's your problem.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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