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You'd have to get creative, you can't use the type that hooks over the
round front beam on the beetles, T3s aren't built that way.  What I've
seen done is to build some sort of mount in front'&1beam(you
can't weld to it by the way, distortion and heat problems) and then
use a modified Super Beetle tow bar.  Someone mentioned something that
replaced the front bumper, I'd hate to be towing that using an
unmodified bumper mount, there's only two fairly small bolts on each
side holding the bumper on and the mount point is just thin body
metal.  Maybe if you went through the bumper reinforcement holes back
to the beam, you could hook on somehow.  The front beam is a far
better place, after all that's where the tow hook is welded on at the
factory.  You'd also have to make sure that whatever you added on
didn't cut the ground clearance, nothing like going over a speed bump
and wiping out all your hard work.

As an aside, I knew a VW parts guy that had to repair a fasty that was
being used as a towed vehicle behind a motor home.  Seems like the
couple forgot and left it in second, towed it 2000 miles by which time
the engine was ruined and the flywheel had come loose and cut through
the bellhousing. I saw what was left of the tranny and engine case.
Guess the motor home was so big they never noticed the extra drag.....

On Thu, 1 Jul 1999 22:26:25 EDT, you wrote:

>Is it possible to use a Type I tow bar to pull a type III?  Is there any 
>difference?  Please let me know....
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