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Re: [T3] '71 Squareback help

Hope it's as clean as it sounds.  There's some catch pockets at the
upper and lower rear of the front fenders that collect salty road
grit, things will rust through in both directions.  Check those, also
above the oval surge tank at the top of the left wheel well, that
collects a lot of stuff, too.  I've see a number of cars where there
were just the ends of the tank left.  On mine, there wast?\nd of
factory undercoat used, this had the unfortunate effect of plugging up
drain holes in a number of places, front bumper mounts, gas tank
filler neck bulge, anyplace there was a cupped mounting point piece
spotwelded to the body. Rusted every one right out. There's a brace
from the body to the inside upper rear of each front fender, check
those out, mine was rusted in two on one side and was barely there in
the center on the other.  Unfortunately, you'd need to unship the rear
fenders to check the other rust spot, they used some seam caulking in
front of the air intake ducts and usually this has fallen out and some
nice rust started by now.  Rocker panels, heater ducts under the
rocker panels, upper rear wheel wells(there's a seam there), jack
points.  Any other spots, guys?  Check the pan carefully for poor
jacking technique, it's easy to cave in or poke holes in it.  

Look carefully at your surface rust and make sure it isn't coming from
the other side.

Check the condition of the heater box to body flex tubes, I've seen
some with more daylight than metal.  Same with the cool air tubes
right above them and make sure you have the connectors on both ends
for the cool air tubes.

Look at the fuel injection harness in the engine compartment, does it
have gobs of electrical tape or obvious splices in it?

For $1800, I'd expect one in pretty spiffy condition, regardless of
wheels and seating options.

On Fri, 02 Jul 1999 00:16:37 -0700, you wrote:

>hello all, This is my first post to this list so i hope it works.
>I have been a long time VW freak and i am finally getting around to
>buying my first one.  Which brings me to my question.... I am looking at
>a 1971 VW squareback. It has a stock 1600cc engine, Fuel Injection,
>manual transmission, and is in overall good condition. The body is
>mostly rust free except for some surface rust on the body panels and in
>the spare tire storage area.  The car has some modifications. The front
>seats are custom from a nissan, it has custom wheels/tires.  The seller
L8g to include the original seats and tires along with some misc.
>parts and a roof rack.
>He is asking 1800 for the car.  
>My question is whether or not this is a reasonable price? I have mostly
>been looking at Type I's and II's so my knowledge about type III's is
>very limited as of now.
>also, are there any 'squareback specific' problem areas i should pay
>attention to?
>I realize this is quite a request for information, but i have found that
>the VW community is very helpful.  Any information or nudge in the right
>direction will be greatly appreciated.
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