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[T3] New VW organization forming: WAVE

I'm sending this to the list incase others have not heard about it.  It is
dedicated to air-cooled VWs on a world-wide basis and is just forming.
Below is
what I received from the Chairperson of the forming committee.  Here is the
if you'd like to visit their web site --> http://www.w-p-c.com/wavemain.htm.

I was part of the group who first sent in a survey and signed up.  I
am not volunteering for any office or other positions -- maybe later when I
a house and a home computer system :) but I will be a part of this new
organization because I am hoping it will be a loud voice for another segment
the antique auto market (like fighting those morons who want to crush old
instead of recycling them, for "air purity" reasons).

Well, here it is:
"...I realize it is pretty hard to "join" a new organization that has yet to
their act together. It is much easier to wait and see what happens. With the
basis of WAVE being a member organization that is to be run by the members,
becomes somewhat =eating. For WAVE to be a success it must first have
fairly large member base and second have people willing to work for the
benefit of all. I will be sending a copy of this letter to the persons left
the "survey form e-mail list", and I encourage all to join. At this point it
doesn't cost anything, and as time goes on you may find that you want to
help in
making WAVE into the organization that has been proposed.
While I am "rambling on" about things on my mind, I must mention that WAVE
proposed to be an organization for ALL air-cooled VW enthusiast WORLDWIDE.
are many areas of this endeavor that WAVE will need members to handle. We
have a
language barrier to overcome that will call for people who are multilingual
help or to chair committees for web pages and correspondence in different
languages. We also will need people to represent WAVE in each country. I
envision the WAVE president having a "cabinet" of WAVE country presidents
handle WAVE business in each country. Please remember that WAVE also is
not to supplant any existing organization, but to offer help to those
organizations on a Worldwide basis. This will mean people to represent WAVE
co-ordinating efforts between WAVE and the existing organizations in a
that is beneficial to the existing organizations and to WAVE with a final
that the air-cooled community as a whole benefits. This is no small
and cannot be done with a handful of people. With a large membership and a
number of "workers" the effort put in by each becomes less burdensome and in
turn we all benefit. The bottom line is that we are growing in members, but
need to grow quickly to a fairly large number of members in order to
some major goals quickly. Again, Your help is always appreciated.
Ken Earnhardt,
WAVE Forming Committee"

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