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Re: Oil Cooler: Type 3 Engine

>Your 71 uses no washers, as you discovered so painfully, but the 
>green seals are special seals that are 8mm on one face and 10mm on 
>the other. They are for adapting a late case to an early cooler, or 
>vice versa. The seals you need were originally black, but nowdays 
>they are red. While they are shaped very much like the green adapter 
>seals, they are 10mm on both faces and you can easily see the 
>difference if you look closely.

>Did the green seals that you used come with your gasket set? If so, 
>that is very unusual. I don't think they normally do. I wonder if it 
>is possible that someone is making a green seal that is 10/10 just to 
>keep us confused.



The seals came with the kit.  I looked up my case nuWilson's book - it shows it to be a '70 case.  Thinking more about it, my cooler may be a different year as well.  Maybe they were 8/10...  not that I'm gonna pull it just to find out, mind you!  I think I had to have a smaller diam. on the cooler than the case.  Which would make it 8/10.  Sorry for thinking out loud. :)

Hopefully this weekend or next week, I can lift all four corners of my car and take care of the front brakes and rear end.  I am pulling right when braking (sometimes - at those times, I have about 1/2 pedal travel, other times, I have full pedal travel with no pulling), so I'll check what everyone has suggested (pads, discs, hoses, calipers, etc.).  The rear end is still stumping me.  I'll let yuns know what I find out.

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