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[T3] '71 Squareback help

hello all, This is my first post to this list so i hope it works.
I have been a long time VW freak and i am finally getting around to
buying my first one.  Which brings me to my question.... I am looking at
a 1971 VW squareback. It has a stock 1600cc engine, Fuel Injection,
manual transmission, and is in overall good condition. The body is
mostly rust free except for some surface rust on the body panels and in
the spare tire storage area.  The car has some modifications. The front
seats are custom from a nissan, it has custom wheels/tires.  The seller
is going to include the original seats and tires along with some misc.
parts and a roof rack.
He is asking 1800 for the car.  
My question is whether or not this is a reasonable price? I have mostly
been looking at Type I's and II's so my knowledge about type III's is
very limited as of now.
also, are there any 'squareback specific' problem areas i should pay
attention to?

I realize this is quite a request for information, but i have found that
the VW . y is very helpful.  Any information or nudge in the right
direction will be greatly appreciated.


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