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Re: Oil Cooler: Type 3 Engine

On 1 Jul 99, at 15:30, Justin wrote:

> > << Steven wrote: "Sorry, no, wrong. T1 coolers are completely different,
> >  and the T3 does not put anything between the case and the cooler but the
> >  seals.  >>
> > 
> > i dont believe this is correct.  i have two different manuals and both of
> > them show that there NEEDS to be small washers put il cooler studs so
> > that you do not over tighten the nuts thus crushing the seals and blocking
> > flow to the cooler.  look it up.

> When I rebuilt my engine a few months ago, I initially put the
> washers/spacers in - Wilson said so.  Guess what?  Oil was leaking from
> under the cooler.  With the engine in the car, I pulled the tin, and
> managed the get the spacers out and everything buttoned back up in about
> 1 hour, working outside with a light about 9 at night.  Guess what
> then?  No oil was leaking from under the cooler.  I got a generic gasket
> set which had 3 different sets of oil cooler grommets.  I used the green
> ones - the biggest ones.

Your 71 uses no washers, as you discovered so painfully, but the 
green seals are special seals that are 8mm on one face and 10mm on 
the other. They are for adapting a late case to an early cooler, or 
vice versa. The seals you need were originally black, but nowdays 
they are red. While they are shaped very much like the green adapter 
seals, they are 10mm on both faces and you can easily see the 
difference if you look closely.

Did the green seals that you used come with your gasket set? If so, 
that is very unusual. I don't think they normally do. I wonder if it 
is possible that someone is making a green seal that is 10/10 just to 
keep us confused.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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