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Re: [T3] NONA from the ashes

I have been a NONA member for two years and I think Lee has done a
wonderful job. Any club is only as good as its members. Unfortunatly,
NONA  has a bunch of members that want to set back, pay their 10 dollars
a year (boy Lee is really taking us to t:+on that one ) and reap
the benefits without contributing anything to the club. If there were no
benefits then why join? I for one have found parts, made friends, gotten
help from some of the regional reps over the phone on problems. (email
sometimes just dosen't cut it). I also think that Lee has made it
perfectly clear in the last 3 newsletters that if he didn't get any
articles then the newsletter would not be published until he got enough
material to do so. IF, NONA dies and you are a member then BLAME
yourself not LEE. 

I have also been a member of this list for a couple of years. I see the
two as totally seperate things. There has been a lot of people who have
helped me out of some real jams on problems and finding parts here also.
I have a friend (I know some of you guys may find that hard to believe)
who belongs to a Chevy club and a Camaro club, what's so bad about that.
I happen to love Notches and only care about FB and SB for the parts to
keep my Notch alive ;) Some of the advice I have gotten here I have
passed on to NONA members and vice versa. I really don't see this list
as competition for NONA.

Long live NONA & Type3.org

Dana (Soapbox is Creeking) Hall

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