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RE: [T3] NONA from the ashes

If someone has a T3 story to tell then I would like to hear it.  So the
person happens to be a member of NONA, that doesn't mean all Notchback
material automatically becomes the possession of NONA.  Since the NONA
newsletter is printed then one could draw the conclusion that not all
members have web/email access.  By 'publishing' a story to this list as well
as the newsletter, NONA is not being undermined.  A membership fee does not
dictate abstaining from other similar organizations (or publications).

Taking this argument from another view point, if a NONA member was also a
member of this email list, then by participating in the T3 discussions and
offering/requesting input in the T3 list solution space they are, under your
definition, undermining NONA.  Similarly, since I helped with the financing
of this organization (as did others), that individual is also undermining
the T3 list if they contribute to this list but reserve some information
strictly for the NONA newsletter (I don't feel this way, it's just to
further illustrate my argument).

Stories, advice, classifieds...where do you draw the line?  And how would
you justify it?

My thoughts,
   Toby "Next week's discussion:  A TypeIII's Right-To-Life." Erkson
   air_cooled_nut@pobox.com  <-- Please use this address for email
   '72 VW Squareback 1.6L bored and stroked to 2.0L, Berg five-speed
   '95 VW Jetta III GL 2.0L, P-Chipped, Jamex sport suspension
   Portland, Oregon, http://www.pobox.com/~toby_erkson/

>-----Original Message-----
>While I appreciate Greg's interest in promoting this forum, I 
>disagree with this sentiment.
>NONA is a club with a membership fee. It provides a service unique to
>Notchback owners and hopefully the membership fees will provide enough
>fo keep it active and growing. By posting your stories 
>to this list,
>you are circumventing the organization and threatening to 
>undermine it's
>existence. If the NONA members want to change the format from a printed
>newsletter to electronic discussion lit, that discussion 
>should occur from
>within NONA, not here.

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