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Re: [T3] NONA from the ashes

	Yeah -- I'm in no way trying to undermine NONA.  It was meant, in
part, to be more of a commentary on the differences of this new medium.
(I also recognize that many people do not have access to these electronic

	I have always been somewhat confused by the notion of NONA.  I
mean, it is intended to firstly serve North American (..NA) Notchback
enthusiasts.  It seems that the historical distribution of Notchbacks, at
least in the U.S., is skewed to pre-1966 models -- those who wanted a T3
in the U.S. after 1967 could relatively easily pop over to the local VW
dealer and get a Fast- or Squareback. 

	So, generally speaking, Notchbacks in the U.S. are predominantly
pre-'66.  (Canada got them all along, of course, and I don't know about
Mexico.)  NONA, then, will find that its 'NA' member/owners will
*generally* have pre-'66 Notchbacks, making it effectively an "early
Notchback" club.

	That's cool.  (Also6dą_indeed *conjecture* on my part.)

	What about NA owners of early Squarebacks?  Concerns of these
owners are quite similar to those of NA owners of early Notches -- unless
you're discussing trunks, rear fenders, back seats & the like.  They still
have the same difficulty with locating front wheel cylinders, proper hub
caps, carbs, and the like.  I would think that the few NA owners of 1970s
Notchbacks have cars with far less in common with most NA Notchback
owners than do early Squareback owners -- who do not fall under the club's

	It seems to me that there is greater rationale for a "pre-66 Type
3" club than for a Notchback club, and that a NA-centered Notchback club
is primarily an early T3 club.  I am not against any club, though. :)

	It also seems a tad odd that, as I gather, the club director has
sold his Notch (and so has none?) and seems to not have succeeded (for
whatever reason) in publishing a newsletter lately.  I dunno, and I don't
presume to *know* the whole situation.  Lee seems like a dedicated
enthusiast, and it's common knowledge that he's done herculean wonders for
the T34 community.  Excellent.

	Hope a newsletter goes out soon!  It can be very tough to run one.
I'm not brave enough to do it. :)


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