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Re: Oil pressure

Jim Adney wrote:

> From all you've posted, I believe that you have covered most of the
> bases pretty well. The pump, however, can be a real gotcha. The
> variations in clearances in the pumps can vary quite a bit and still
> be within VW tolerances and these all make a difference. There are
> also good and bad brands. This very subject is covered in depth in
> the Bill Fisher book.

Ah, another book I need to get! I have suspected the pump for quite a while, and I
have a good 1969 pump from a bug, that I am going to install, when I find the time. I
know this pump works, the bug engine had plenty of pressure before disassembly.

> Gene Berg also covers the fact that there are a number of patterns of
> intake and output holes in the pumps over the years. You CAN buy a
> pump that should be right and yet doesn't match up well with your
> case. This can be very bad! It is easy to chjZ even easier to
> overlook. You have to THINK about it.

I am pretty sure it was lined up well, but then again, this is the sort of thing one
does not think about. I will see when I get the darn pump out.

73 Wagon

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