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Re: [T3] Toby watch!?!

Kris, it's too bad we missed you.  We were all over the show yesterday, so
we may have been out in the swap meet area when you stopped by the car.
Toby and I photographed many of the type III parts in the swap area, so look
for our report coming up.  There were only 3 type III's entered in the show,
and Toby walked away with the first place plaque.  We were all disappointed
that the show didn't give a longest distance award, so we gave Toby the
"self-proclaimed" long distance award.  I'll put pics up when I get a
chance, there was a nice green '71 fastback and a primed early notchback in
the show.  We also got to meet Luis Pieretti - he had some fan shroud
problems, so he was unable to drive his T-III to the show.  Also, we bombed
everyone who would listen with the info for vwtype3.org and the e-mail list,
so we should be expecting some newbies soon.  I got most of a fuel injection
system (everything  but the ECU and Manifold sensor) for $25 in the swap
meet area, and there were some other type III goodies there as well.

Overall, I really had a great weekend hanging out with Big Al, Toby, and
Travis (the navigator).  I highly recommend taking any opportunity to meet
other listees, it's hilarious to see somebody's face (like, um, maybe
Toby's) when you ask them if there type III is a Volvo wagon - after the
combined shock of the blatantly stupid question and the fact that a total
stranger knew who his name, I don't think Toby, Travis and I stopped
laughing the rest of the weekend!

Jake Kooser

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