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Re: [T3] "Toby Watchc"

Hidy Ho EveryBody!,
Well Brian, Travis and I made it to Phil's in 9 hours.  Engine is 
still running too hot.  I don't thing the timing made much difference 
except acceleration isn't as good.  But, we'll leave it alone for 
now.  Travis and I don't know where we'll be spending Day 3 on our 
journey but we still plan on being in Wax. on Friday.

Big Al, mah cahr is dirty!  Do you know if there will be a car wash 
in the area?  Or can you bring a hose?  :)  Also, I think I need to 
clean my air filters so if you know of any one in your club who has 
K&N air filter cleaner and oil would you mind asking them if I can 
use some?  If you can't it's no big deal.  Thanks!

Well, gotta go and show off my baby to Phil some more, later Volks!
	Toby "On the Road Again" Erkson
	Using Phil's computer.

>From Phil:  I have tried to persuade Toby to trade his "baby" for ten 
of my VWs, but he won't.  Let us all hope that some mysterious 
malady doesn't take him in the night (chuckle, chuckle) and then I 
will have the orange beastie after all.


> >Phillip, Toby is leaving Boise at about 9am and should get into your
> >area around 9pm or so.  He has a little bit of wrenching that he wants
> >to do if his engine is still running warm.  He wanted me to let you know
> >that in advance.
> Who has next shift?
> My shift is Friday night in Texas.
> Turn-around point.
> Who has Thursday night?

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