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[T3] Clock FIXED

So now it turns out I don't need a clock, because I FIXED IT! I have a  72
sqbk. Took out the clock and unscrewed the back. But first I checked the
wiring with my Muir inspired timing/test light. Handy li'l thng. Wiring was
ok. Took a good hard look at the innards of the clock and none of the
electrical connections (resistors, etc) seemed flawed so I kept hitting the
pendulum thing that swings side to side at the back. There was the
slightest amount of friction and every ten times or so the thing would
stick, ever so slightly, but enough to stop it completely. . This pendulum
has two parts: a thick bottom part that has what look like two magnets on
it, and a paper thin top part. Apparently, current must run through this
thing sandwiched between these 2 parts affecting the magnet (through
negative polarity?). I dont know jack for electrical stuff but usually all
you need to do with electrical anyhow is find the disconnection, be sure
you have ittraced to the poper place where its supposed to connect and
reconnect. In this case, as I said, all electrical was fine. It was the
friction. Took my tiny screwdriver and ever so gently pried the top plate
of the pendulum upward - so little I couldn't even tell if  I'd done
anything, but the friction stopped. Hooked it back up in the car and voila!
Time is again on my side. Just about when I was ready to click the clock
back into place on the dash, I remembered I forgot to put the back plate
on. Whew. Caught it just in time.

One small victory. Now how the hell am I supposed to get that speedometer
out? A child couldn't get their hands back there. Love how Bentley never
tells you about obstructive things like those diagonal dash reinforcing
straps in the back right where you might have been able to get a grip on
the speedo.


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