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[T3] Auto Squareback

I got one of 'em rare beasts!  A tan 1970!  I bought it just a few months ago
and I'm in the final moments of a pretty superficial restoration (body work,
paint, carpets, upholstery, moldings, a coupla interior panels, etc.).  My dad
had the same year/model when I was a kid and I've always loved it.

I know nothing about the mechanical history of my car.  The engine seems to
work fine -- it scored '125' across all four valves in the compression test --
I'm told that's good -- about average for a car this old.  

That article mentions that the mechanism which prevents shifting into reverse
and park without lifting the shifter is probably busted in most running Type
III autos.  Mine is working.  Is yours?  

My transmission seems to be working fine.  The only thing that seems
disturbing about its performance is that I get a big reaction when I push into
or past reverse, the car sorta snaps back, kinda klunks into reverse.
Otherwise I think (and hope) the transmission is okay.

Let me know if you could what your experience is with your transmission and
congrats on the car.  Red is real nice on a SB.

Raoul O'Connell

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