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[T3] First time timing

Hey 3-ers

I'm trying to work out and adjust the timing on my car ('70 RHD
Australian notchback with stock dual carbs, automatic).  There are 4 
timing marks - three close together and one further to the left - are 
these 10 BTDC , 7.5, 5 and TDC?

I'm not sure what the timing on this distributor should be, and I 
can't find a distributor number on it (where on the dist should this 
be stamped?), so I was looking to time at 30 BTDC at full advance 
(3000rpm or so) - is this the right approach so far?  

I took the distance between the two timing marks that are furthest 
apart (what I'm calling 10 and 0) - 22.5 mm (0.9 inches for the 
non-metricated among you).  My brain told me that twice this distance 
should be 20 degrees, so I marked a point 45 mm further to the right 
from the 10 degree mark, thinking this to be 30 degrees - how am I 
doing so far?

Timing at idle was around the middle of the 3 marks (7.5 deg.), and 
the PO had told me something about him having disconnected the vacuum 
retard at idle (?).  Under acceleration, my new 30 degree timing mark 
was passed at only 1500 rpm or so - this concerns me, since if I'm 
right about all of this then I'm running way too advanced - danger 
Will Robinson!  Would have adjusted it right away, but I couldn't 
find the nut that clamps the distributor - feeling really stupid now 
(I've done this on a type 1 before, but it all looks very different). 
 Where is this nut?  

Should I set timing to TDC at idle or just concern myself with 28-20 
degrees BTDC at full advance?

On a different note - Muir says idle at 600 rpm but doesn't mention 
automatics - should I ignore this and go for the value specified in 
Bentley / Haynes (950 +/- 50 for automatic from memory)?

Sorry for the incoherent rambling.  All help greatly appreciated.


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