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Re: [T3] Saddness fills the air

Holy S...!!!  I sure hope you at least beat your 4K out of whoever
did it!  Just what goes thru peoples' minds now-a-days anyway?

Sorry to hear about it, I can sympathise as I had a similar 
experience with a key some years ago.

Tom Cloud
'69 Bug
'69 Fastback!

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>Today was a sad day in the life of the Roadster: less than 1 month from
>having the paint completely wet-sanded and clear-coated and less than
>one week after winning a best paint award, somebody waterballoned it.
>The problem is, the balloons had paintthinner.:@(
>The car has to be taken down to bare metal and chemically dipped to
>nuetralize the thinner.  I am very distraught after finding out that 
>job is gonna run me close to $4,000.
>So Toby E.  I will see you soon, but the roadster is gonna look like
>Brian Fye
>64 Notch roadster w/bare spots all over it
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