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Re: [T3] heaterboxes

Toby, the standard Type 3 heat exchangers are BETTER  than the Type
1 (apart from being longer and with the right outlet pipe size, and
all OE quality).  They work well, particularly in the Fastback or
Notch with their smaller internal air volume.  As there are
thermostats in the unit that joins the rear bulkhead, I guess if you
want a higher temperature you could try disabling the cold-air feed,
but that might damage the plastic parts inside the car.

I guess if you only had Type 1 available, it would be possible to
extend the outlet exhaust pipe, and link the heat outlet somehow.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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From: Erkson, Toby <toby.erkson@intel.com>
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Date: 15 September 1998 22:25
Subject: RE: [T3] heaterboxes

>They're not interchangeable (why, I do not know cuz life would be
warmer if
>were).  If the cables are disconnected and you're still getting
heat then
>flaps are either 1) rusted open, 2) rusted through, or 3) have been
>Find out why.
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>>-----Original Message-----
>>  are type 3 heater boxes and type 1 heater boxes
>>interchangeable, they look
>>almost the same,  mine don't seem to be working(hot all the
>>time, even with
>>the cable disconnected)  my next step would be to disconnect the
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