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[T3] Little things mean a lot

My pappy used to tell me:  "Use your brain, little things count!"

As one who has experienced many unanticipated and unsolicited 
breakdowns over the years (my favorite was the time a rear wheel came 
off at 40mph because I had forgotten to tighten the lug nuts), I 
suspect many, if not most, breakdowns occur because of neglect of 
some "minor" component...wire, hose clamp, untorqued nut or bolt, 

Do you think this is the case?

I will be taking a long highway trip in my Squareback this 
coming weekend.  In preparation, I oughta check those "little things" 
that are most suspectible to mischief.

>From your astute observation, personal experience, or arcane 
divination, what do you think are the "little things" that, because 
they are ignored or overlooked, are most likely to cause problems on 
the road?

Just curious to see what you guys 'n gals think are the most frequent 
and most probable "minor" problems that can land you in the median of 
the freeway with your hitch-hiker's thumb up in the air.  Or your 
wife out back pushing...

To keep the postings on content, we will not discuss the problems
associated with swerving to avoid slow moving Isettas.


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