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RE: [T3] Doors and seals

I just went through that hassle and the reason that you and everybody
else has sucha hard time is because they are not made exactly as they
were at the factory.  I was EXTREMELY disappointed withthe fit and
finish of the window scrappers.  If they fit correctly, installing them
would not be a hassle.  After all, it was done when at least once before
when the car was new.  And, there is only one way to install and remove
them... just ast the Bentley manual says to.   There is no easy way.  If
I knew ahead of time what pieces if crap they are I would have saved my
money and just bought One-Piece windows and regualtors.  They fit
equally crappy but are much cheaper!!!

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I just got the newly painted passenger door rehung Sat. after
wrestling with it.  I put in new window channel seal, had a lot of
trouble with it.  Does anyone have any tips on how to do it easily?
I had a lot of trouble clearing the wiper strips and the stuff just
didn't snap in straight.  I had lots of trouble on the other end,
trying to get the vent window in, too.  Bentley just doesn't cover
this very thoroughly.  "Assemble in reverse order" doesn't cut it.

On the other hand, I found that my floppy vent window can be adjusted
with the clamp screw on the bottom, right below the window frame,
available when you pull the door panel off.  This has been a
irritation since I bought the car, it's now stiff enough to stay open
when going down the highway.  Another thing not covered in Bentley.

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