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Re: [T3] Whats the DEAL?? TIRE INFO NEEDED

On 4 Sep 98, at 13:06, Douglas_Brashear@mail.amsinc.com wrote:

> I am so frustrated right now...everyone talks about The Tire Rack website
> being so great, but they don't stock 165 R15's!  You enter 165 85R 15 into
> their size locator and it comes back with no matches.  I called the
> Merchants here in VA and they say that many companies make the size, but
> they don't have any in stock at their store or the regional 

You may just need to ask them what they can order for you.  Sometimes 
the whole problem boils down to figuring out what is the right 
question to ask.  I like the Michelin XZX 165SR15s.  I suspect that 
they will be available for many years, but you might have to wait a 
week for them to arrive.

Keep in mind that the big tire warehouse stores specialize in volume, 
so they are not as likely to be interested in your (odd-sized) 
business as an ordinary Michelin dealer.  Mine is great and they will 
go out of their way to get me whatever I want, if they can.  But then 
again they have been in business in the same building for over 40 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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