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Re: Interior goodies

Dear Peter:

  I haven't seen the horeshair seat pads anywhere.  I ended up buying new
  foam (molded to your seat shape) from RMMW. I have been researching
  interior products for several months now.  I found that TMI and SewFine
  and California Pacific offer the widest variety.  I believe that the carpet
  you have is the German Squareweave. All three of the above sell this.
  Kinda $$$, but the wearability and correctness is worth it.

  When you do redo your seats it has been recommended to me by several
  experienced VW people to put carpet, or at least heavy duty jute carpet
  backing between the seats and the new foam. This will prevent the seat
  frame from pushing through the new foam. It also makes for a more
  comfortable seat.  If you want a softer seat use carpet, or even several
  layers of carpet.   If you want a firmer seat use the jute carpet backing.
  Also while you have the seat apart, you may wish to wire brush it to remove
  any surface rust that may be on the frame.  Then spray the frame down
  with something like Rust-O-Lieum and allow to dry before putting it all
  back together again.

  And one last tip.  When putting on your new seat covers, let them sit
  in the sun for a few hours to heat up.  This makes them much easier
  to put on AND when they cool down they will fit nice and tight.

 Let us know how your interior re-do came out!

  Allen Moore
  70' Square (Still awaiting fron seat restoration)
Ginger D.&Peter P. wrote:

> Dearest list,
>         I need a recommendation on a source for original-style carpet and seat
> covers.
>              Same with the seat upholstery, any recomendations?  Can you still
> get
> "horshair" padding, or is there something that is durable?

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