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Find the switch and win a .......

Hello to you all

I have been through some interesting times lately. I put an ad in 
this month's CAR magazine, looking for any Type 3 bits and pieces 
that anyone might have around and I have been burried in parts as 
result!!! Seen some real interesting cars - or rather whats left of 
them - too. One was a '63 Variant, complete with 1500 single carb 
engine, push button switches and red needle instruments. Unfortunatly 
it had died of body cancer a good while ago. Now its just standing in 
its owner's yard rotting away. He figures he might turn the chassis 
into a dune buggy at some stage. (I figure it should be made a 
capital offence to let a car like that go to pieces in the first 

Anyway, back to my question. Up until '66 (I think) the door hinges 
at the rear door of the Variant had a full width metal cover that had 
a light fixture in the middle. The light would come on when the door 
is opened and the headlamps are on. Where is the switch located that 
turns this light on and off? I have searched high and low (literaly) 
to find it to no avail as  I now have a hinge cover like this and I 
would like to install it in my 69 Square and I would like the lamp to 
work as well. 


Adriaan Loedolff
69 Squareback Automatic

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