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Re: [T3] Aftermarket scraper install

I had a real fun time reinstalling my outside scraper, too,  This was
the original OEM stuff, so I really can't say anything about the
aftermarket stuff.  Bentley's description isn't really satisfactory
either.  There's right angle tabs on the ends of the metal U that are
retained in the channel by the vent window frame at the hinge end,
then there's six sheetmetal clips that hold the scraper and lower part
of the assembly to the outer door lip.  These were very hard for me to
get lined up and pressed into the slots in the door.  At the top and
latch side of the channel there's bent sections that lie in the
channel and is held in place by the window channel clips.  My
procedure was to get the thing into the channel, press the lower clips
into the slots and get the upper section lined up with the holes for
the window channel clips and install the clips on top and side. The
tabs at the hinge end were then down in the channel and bearing on
tabs in the door. Then put the door latch back in and screw it down.
then the lower channel that surrounds the latch and extends into the
window area(don't forget the little U-clip on the lip!).  I put the
inner scraper in then as per  Benmtley, but I think I would have done
better to leave that until later.  Vent window next and screw in the
upper screw for that.  Wrrestle the window channel into place and snap
it into the clips, vent frame end goes into a lip on the frame.(such a
short sentence for such a long process!). The rest is fairly easy  and
pretty much the reverse of disassembly.  Still shot pretty much a
whole Saturday doing it, but I also had to hang the door.  Some parts
it's easier to get in with the door off the car and laying flat, some
it's  easier to have the door on the car to install.

I just took the driver's side door off for painting and stripped the
hardware off tonight.  Wasn't any easier than the passenger side, plus
the scrapers are in much worse shape(so's the door surface), will
definitely have to recondition them with bus rubber.  From what you
guys with the aftermarket stuff are saying, it seems to be a better

Hope this helps.

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998 11:33:08 EDT, you wrote:

>This if for those of you that have done this already.  During the reassembly
>of my beloved Fastback (pictures coming soon!), I have run into a few snags,
>but none as frustrating as this.  I've only tried the driver's side so far,
>but it is a royal pain.  I got the bottom part of the scraper and moulding in
>without too much of a hassle, and I even got the back part that goes up the
>side of the window opening on without a hitch.  Now, however, I can NOT get
>the top part of the moulding to get in there.  I compared the passenger side
>scraper that I have out to an old one I have.  It seems the aftermarket ones
>are a little too tall in the area on top.  I don't know where to bend, snip,
>cut, or mangle the aftermarket moulding.  It seems like I'll need most of that
>metal to keep it securely in there.  My question is, how did you guys do it?
>I'm losing faith in WCM with every passing minute of this restoration.  Their
>T3 parts suck.  Anyway, TIA for the advice folks.  Later.
>Cayson Ellsworth
>68 Fastback (so close I can TASTE it!)
>72 Super

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