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Re: correct trans oil?

> In the process of doing a trans oil change, and am wondering if the 85w140
> that I have sitting around will satisfy the recommended 90w of the
> manuals.  What color should this stuff be as it comes out?  Mine was
> pretty black, and the drain plug was covered with small metal bits.  The
> trans performs perfectly, by the way.  I hope that I didn't drain out some
> magic fluid.

85W-140 sounds a bit on the heavy side.  This might cause your fuel 
economy to suffer and might seem to make your shifts difficult.  
Still it might be okay if you live in southern Cal. or Arizona.

The color varies with the brand, but old fluid is always black with 
the ground up steel that is always there as a product of wear; at 
least on the bottom.  The drain plug has a small magnet pressed into 
it which is intended to take steel particles out of circulation and 
hold them on the bottom, out of harm's way.  You should clean this 
off carefully each time you change the oil.  Normally it will be 
covered with steel particles too small to see individual bits; it you 
have pieces big enough to see individual pieces, then this is not a 
good sign.  Time will tell, however.

The Fluid is not magic, but the recommended replacement is 80W-90 
GL-4 for the manual transmission.  The final drive of the AT calls 
for 80W-90 GL-5.  Both should meet the 2105 spec in it's latest 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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