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Re: your opinion

> 	Why does the DMV even need to know the car came from overseas.  What
> happens when they do a lost title/tile search and it comes up empty?  If
> it is not listed as stolen/wrecked/etc., wouldn't they issue another
> title?  I suppose the DMV will do whatever they d**n well please...

I know this is just a little bit hard to believe, but I have the 
impression that there is a big data base out there somewhere that the 
DMV can tap into.  When I phoned in a '70 Mercedes (that I knew was 
Grey Market, but "forgot" to mention) they told me in less than a 
minute that it was not a US car.

I know that in later years the VINs for different markets are 
different, so it is clear where the car was meant to be exported to.  
In the case of Type 3s, all the VINs are in the same format, so it is 
possible that they won't know.  It is also possible that each car 
that was brought into the US was recorded and that this data is 
available to your DMV

I live in Wisconsin and I would not have expected our DMV to be 
particularly adept at this, but it was clear right away that they 
were on to me almost instantly.  It may be that there are states that 
will give out titles with very little difficulty so you could launder 
a car through that state, for example.  Indeed, this may be what some 
of the title companies that you will find in Hemmings do for you.  I 
have the impression, however, that the other states know which states 
are easy to get through so they will inspect a car coming in from out 
of state extra carefully.  They are VERY careful about it here.

If you try one of the title companies, I would not do it unless they 
will provide you with a title in your home state.  That way you don't 
end up with a title that your DMV declares is worthless.

There is one more problem.  Did you know that you don't have to have 
the title to register (get plates for) your car?  Title and 
registration are two different things.  Title means that you are the 
owner.  Registration means that you may legally drive that car on the 
road.  There might even be some difficulty getting a properly titled 
grey market car registered!

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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