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RE: Here's one for ya

> In relation to your problem mentioned below.  I have a 68 Square sans
> FI.  The  previous owner had completely gutted any trace of the FI.
> Currently I'm running a 67 stock dual 32 Solex carb engine (supposedly
> from Germany ), 009, Berg SQP exhaust. Runs flawlessly!  But on the
> engine is a carrier bar.  On the body are the attachment points.  In the
> Bentley, there are pictures which depict how the engine is supported via
> these attachment points and other related parts.  On my car I have been
> running without the enigine being supported for years.   

There are two types of engine support systems in Type 3s, early and 
late.  The 68 was the last year without the true rear mount engine 
supports.  The original 68 engine had in the rear only the
just-off-center "handle" that fit into a kind of a sleeve that was 
attached to the body.  

In the long run this support did nothing.  Some people will tell you
that it was for torque, but that ignores the fact that it is
uselessly close to the crank axis for engine windup torque, and 
that the real drive torque (about the drive shafts) is well taken
care of via the transmission mounts.

>From your description, I wonder if you have a later engine in your 
car that has the rear mount crossbar on it, but nothing to attach it 
to.  If that is your question, then that is also no problem.  The 68 
doesn't need anything else.

> Now my question is this: How important is this engine support system and
> why would the previous owner have removed it?  It seems like it could
> work like a traction bar, no?  Should I check if the frame horns are
> bent/cracked? 

Not sure what a traction bar is really supposed to do.  I have never 
seen bad frame horns, but I suppose it could happen in a car that has 
been abused very badly.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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