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Re: New Pressure Sensor

> I just ordered a new pressure sensor for 72 type3, because the ecu i have 
> id from a 72 (been in the car more than eleven years) despite my car 
> being a 71.
> Will this have to be adjusted? or is it a drop in part, and I re tune the 
> car afters?

These are factory adjusted and then sealed.  You have to melt out the 
seal to readjust them, but this almost always means that you just 
lose the factory adjustment and are forever after lost.

> will let everyone know what happens, may be more than just this part, but 
> i have isolated the prob to the sensor. funny tho, ohms readings are ok, 
> wonder if the rod inside is goofy? well, it IS 27+ yrs old.

These are almost never bad.  If the Ohms are correct and there is 
infinite resistance between each winding and ground and between the 
two windings, then they are electrically okay.

Put a hose on the vacuum connection and suck (yes, it will taste like 
gasoline) if it holds vacuum reasonably well then that part is okay.

There is a sealed bellows inside which could leak and make it non 
functional.  I have seen 1 bad one in 30 years, but it went slowly 
bad so was hard to figure out.

The rod mechanism is a beautiful design.  I have never seen one go 
bad and I don't expect to.

What have you done that managed to isolate the problem to the PS?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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