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Re: New Pressure

>Will this have to be adjusted?

	Ack!  John!  No!  Quit adjusting these things!!!!!!!!! :-o ;)

	They're adjusted when they're manufactured, and are virtually
unadjustable without the proper equipment.  I don't even think that Jim
Adney dares adjust these!  Once you tweak it, you'll never be sure if
you've got it right.  I'd install it, and if it doesn't work right I'd
start looking elsewhere for the problem.

	Have you got a tach/dwell meter and timing light?  Fuel pressure
gauge?  Compression tester?  I don't remember all the details of your
symptoms, but I've had some really nutty things happen -- such as
distributor shaft/bushing wear (elusively makes your dwell/timing random at
times), on again/off again loose wires on injectors and sensors, you name

	Keep plugging away... it's got to be *something*!  I know of
several people who've taken their cars to VW or other authorized Bosch
mechanics and paid for one or one and a half hour's worth of diagnostics.
After getting the full, accurate report, there's no more guesswork.

	By the way--how many terminals are there on your throttle position
sensor?  I've never tried, but it seems like it would be hard to get a '72
brain to properly manage a '71 system.  Perhaps the entire engine is out of
a '72???

'69 & '71 Squarebacks
'63 Beetle

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