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RE: Vegas vehicle

Actually, in a few sermons the Honorable Bob Hoover lists his desert
driving survival techniques.  Oddly enough, you apparently don't roll
down the windows (ever heard of a convection oven??) but instead spritz
yourself with water all day.


Unfortunaly, the humidity (usually 99%) renders all desert advice
useless....you just stay wet, and simmer....


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Philip Dillard [SMTP:dillardp@edu-suu-lifac.li.suu.edu]
> Sent:	Monday, June 29, 1998 7:38 AM
> To:	Type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject:	Re: Vegas vehicle
> > Air conditioning??? What's wrong with your 62 AC? 60 MPH & 2 windows
> > rolled down that is. Yuck yuck & ha ha.
> Actually, Tom, I have Armstrong cooling....it takes a strong Arm to 
> crank down my windows.
> I made the mistake of installing a thermometer in a VW bug once 
> before driving it to Las Vegas.  The temperature got up to 135 
> degrees when the bug was parked in the shade in a parking garage.  
> But when the vehicle got moving and the cool breeze flowed, the
> temp dropped to a comfortable 110 degrees.
> I will be  facing this same problem in a couple of weeks when I drive 
> my SqBk  thru the Chihuahuan desert on my vacation trip to Mexico.  
> Anybody got any really "cool" suggestions?
> Phil
> dillard@suu.edu

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