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RE: Here's one for ya

Hello all,  this is my first post.  

In relation to your problem mentioned below.  I have a 68 Square sans
FI.  The  previous owner had completely gutted any trace of the FI.
Currently I'm running a 67 stock dual 32 Solex carb engine (supposedly
from Germany ), 009, Berg SQP exhaust. Runs flawlessly!  But on the
engine is a carrier bar.  On the body are the attachment points.  In the
Bentley, there are pictures which depict how the engine is supported via
these attachment points and other related parts.  On my car I have been
running without the enigine being supported for years.   

Now my question is this: How important is this engine support system and
why would the previous owner have removed it?  It seems like it could
work like a traction bar, no?  Should I check if the frame horns are

From: 	Jake Kooser[SMTP:jake_k@ibm.net]
Sent: 	Sunday, June 28, 1998 8:14 PM
To: 	Type III mailing list
Cc: 	Wilson Alvarez
Subject: 	Here's one for ya

Hey Volks, I'd like to get some opinions on a problem my buddy Wilson is
having.  He's got a '66 Squareback, stock engine and dual carbs (as far
as I know).  He was driving the car a while ago, when it started making
a lot of noise and lost power.  The local mechanic he stopped at told
him he had blown the engine - 
even though it still ran.  Somehow, Wilson
got the car home, where it's sat since I went over there today to see
what's up.  He can start the car, and has been doing so to keep the
battery up - maybe 5 minutes or less to charge it.  I had him start the
car today, and it makes a clunking sound that doesn't seem quite as loud
as a rod knock to me, but more like something loose inside - I thought
almost like a "piston slap" condition.  When the engine is running, it
puffs copious amounts of sooty smoke out of the breather box on the
right side of the engine centerline.  I haven't done a compression test
yet, but it seems to me that maybe some (or all) of the rings have taken
the early retirement plan.  I don't know the odometer mileage right off
the top of my head, but I think it's high.

   What I'm thinking of doing, just to get the squareback back on it's
feet, is to use the stock 1600 'long block' - everything except the
heads, ignition, and fuel injection - from my '73 fastback to replace
the squareback motor while it's being fixed.  Anyone see any problems
with this?  I think I can just replace those items mentioned above in
Wilson's engine, and use the heads, cooling tin, carbs, and non-FI
distributor from his engine to get him back on the road.  I would do a
"top end rebuild" ie. new rings, gaskets, tune-up on the '73 engine.
I've done this to my squareback and had good results.  I noticed he
doesn't have the rear engine support in his car - is that right, or did
I just not notice it?  I'm also curious about how different the cams in
the '73 FI engine and the one in the '66 carb engine are going to be.
Will I have to use a '66-spec cam for this to run right?

   Those are the immediate questions I can think of.  Maybe you folks
can think of something I've missed, but I think it should work.

Jake Kooser

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