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Re: Automatic Trans Seals

> Remember my leaking auto trans, well....
> Jim Adney asked:
> > So where was your leak and what color was it?
> Sorry I wasn't clearer in my orginal post.  It was definitely the ATF fluid
> and not the gear lube.  It was a nice pink/red color and smelled like ATF
> fluid.  I am not sure where exactly it is leaking from as I have not crawled
> under the car yet, but I am sure that after 27 years replacing the seals would
> be good insurance for keeping the car going.  That assumes of course that the
> seals are still available.

I find that the most common leak on the ATs is an O-ring that seals
the cover over the governor.  If I remember correctly, this cover is
above and to the left of the left output drive shaft flange, and is
held in place with a spring bail.  While this assembly seems to be
mounted to the final drive, it actuallly contains and leaks ATF. 
This will produce wetness that literally covers the whole left side
of the AT.

This O-ring is easy to install and still available from the dealer. 
You do need to clean things off carefully before you remove the
cover to keep dirt from dropping inside as you remove the cover. 

See the Bentley manual for details.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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