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Re: front clip info/help needed

I had a problem with rust on my clip and had to cut it off.   I did all my
measurements and cut the bad clip off with a saws-all, making sure I left
enough metal to overlap with the new clip.    I cut the front off a Fastback
and matched it up using the measurments I had taken before I cut the
original off.    I secured the clip with vise clamps, put the hood back on,
tested the fit, and made any adjustments at that point.   I then welded the
new clip in-place.    I used "Seam Seal" to seal the seam and prevent any
rusting in the joints.   Not a very hard job to do, I have nevr done
anything like that before, I just pictured it and did it.   You can even
tell it has been done to the car.

Good luck

Woody an owner of a fine VW Type-III Square Back
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From: TOASTEDT3@aol.com <TOASTEDT3@aol.com>
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Date: Friday, June 19, 1998 12:58 PM
Subject: front clip info/help needed

>ok, I'll try and do a better job of weeding out my typos today.
>As many of you know, we crashed up our 71 Squareback a few months back and
>we've finally settled with the insurance company.  They totaled it out,
>buying it back and are going to have it repaired ourselves when we have the
>time and $ to do so.
>With the $ we get from the Square, we're buying a Notch that comes with
>75% of a Fastback as a "parts car".  The guy we're buying the Notch from
>certain parts off it and we get the rest.  He wants the drive train
>(engine/tranny, axels and the pans) we get the rest which includes a front
>clip if we can get it cut off.  He said "other than the stuff I want, you
>have the rest, just bring your tools to take it apart"
>So my question is this.  How hard is it to cut off a front clip???  Keep in
>mind I dont know squat about air cooled VW's, I grew up watercooled and
>besides that, I've never used a torch or a sawzall or any other tool
>to cut this clip off (except for a hack saw).  is it something that's
>obvious once the fenders, hood, axels have been removed??  or should we
>along some help???
>If we need "help," is there anyone willing to provide such help?  I'm sure
>could work out some sort of compensation for your time and use of your
>(most likely cold hard cash, but maybe some parts too)  The car is located
>San Diego (poway I'm pretty sure) and we're going to be coming down fron
>Redondo Beach area and would be willing to work with anyone in the area.
>We really need this clip to fix our square and since it's basically free,
>dont want to pass it up.  We can probably take care of removing all the
>stuff, but we're stuck when it comes to the clip since it needs to be cut.
>can anyone help???   please
>72 Notch (deposit sent today)
>71 Square (begging you to help it get this new front clip)
>60 Kombi (baking in Arizona sun)
>92 GTi (the outcast of the family)

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