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Re: Volkswagen AG Troubleshooting Guide...

At 3:56 PM -0700 6/24/98, Erkson, Toby wrote:
>...for D-Jetronic fuel injection systems is available on my Type Three
>Tech web page at
>'http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/1641/index.html'.  This is a
>4.2Mb zipped file -- this means you must have PKZIP in order to unzip it.
>If you cannot download the file from my web page then contact me PRIVATELY
>(don't use the Type III mailing list) requesting that I send it to you via
>email. Some email systems won't accept mail over 1Mb so check out your
>email provider before contacting me!
>This download only contains the first section of the guide, Starting
>Trouble (hey, something I seem to be good at...).  There are other
>sections that I will be scanning and making available so please be patient
>(the FI diagrams located on the same TTT web page came from this guide).


	I've managed to reduce this to a size that would fit on a high
density floppy, and take about ten minutes to download over a 14.4 modem.
This smaller version is at:


You can browse the images individually via the Web, or download them in
bulk as either a Macintosh self-extracting archive or as a .zip archive.

	This is just a first pass at this!  The plan (there's always a
plan...) is to make it more presentable.  It also could be *loads* smaller
as an Acrobat/.pdf file... but a bit more work will be involved.


'69 & '71 Squarebacks
'63 Beetle

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