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Re: Another Pressure Sensor Problem??

> Hello all.  Quick hopefully easy(?) question.  I have a 73 Fastback
> automatic with FI.  The engine is from a 71 Square (RIP).  The ECU is
> it's original.  The throttle valve switch was changed to the 73 model
> (extra pin?) and I have a 73 Pressure Sensor.  Now the question.  When
> the 71 engine was installed it used a Pressure Sensor from a 68-69
> model, only thing is if I test the pins like the Idiot manual says it
> shows that two of them are shorted out.  I've been running this Sensor
> for two years, it seems rather slow compared to my Beetle.  I purchased
> a used 73 Pressure Sensor and installed it but it makes the car stall at
> idle.  I tested it and it shows that everything electrically is fine.  I
> prefer to keep the 73 Sensor if possible.  I also have the original ECU
> for the 71 engine, should I swap the ECU's????  Thanks.

The best thing would be to put the 73 engine (with the 73 
distributor), pressure sensor, and brain back together.  If it still 
doesn't work then there is some other problem.

The 73 will not have quite the drivability of the 71.  You might be 
able to use the 73 engine with the 71 distributor, pressure sensor, 
brain and FI wiring harness, but the 73 engine has lower compression 
than the original 71.  I think this will work fine, however.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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