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Re: '65 squareback - more candid pics

>> >You should be afraid, from what I've know of the weirdo PO's for
>> >your Type 2's.  It would be difficult to set up living quarters
>> >in a Type 3...
>> >
>> I don't understand this comment.
> Hmm, well it's not very clear.  I thought I remembered reading on your
>site about some of the T2's you had owned were the PO's were living in
>them in less than sanitary conditions.  (maybe it was someone else's
>page?)  What I was trying to allude to was that w/o a T3 you would now
>be in the weirdo crowd.
>Peter Parker

Ohhh, okay.  Got it.  I must be getting stupid, the random connections are
not clicking together in my mind anymore.  Damn, I knew that IQ test was a

Yeah, a guy was living in the back of a 1960 Single Cab when I bought it off
him.  It had a camper shell mounted into the back.  He was willing to sell
the Single Cab because he needed to get a truck that the shell fit.

My 1963 Single Cab was apparently sold to the guy who sold it to me for drug

I regret to inform you that my new Single Cab does not have such a colored
history.  Just your normal "bought by a farmer used a few thousand miles per
year then wrecked and parked for a long time" story that has become a modern
day VW myth.

'Weirdo crowd'?  Hmmm, I better just let that one go...
Well, maybe not.  "Spiderman, Spiderman, does what ever a spider can. Spins
a web..."  etc., etc.  C'mon, everyone!  Bet you never heard that one
before.  :)

Everett Barnes

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