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Re: My engine died....

> Lets all observe a moment of silence in honour of T 0 163 444 which 
> expired unexpectedly after a brief period of illness.

> When inspecting the engine the next morning, I found slightly more 
> oil than usual beneath it but no other visible damage. I turned the 
> engine over by hand a few times and felt no unusual resistance so 
> decided to start it up and see what it does. It started right away 
> but it runs like sh#t. Sounds more like a box full of spanners being 
> shaken. Compression is down on the left hand bank, way down on #3 and 
> it feels as if this side of the engine runs hotter than the right 
> hand side.

Sorry, Adrian,

The easy test to do at this point is to remove the LH spark plugs to 
see if either of them has been beat to *(#&(#!  If so, it's probably 
#3 and you know what the problem is.  If not, you still have a 
problem, but it might not be so bad (as in less destructive.)

I have seen an engine that was rebuilt with low quality rods where 
two of the small end bushings finally self destructed.  This caused a 
lot of noise and consternation, but not much damage since it was shut 
down quickly.  Still, it required a rebuild to fix.

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones.  Let us know.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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