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Re: '65 squareback - more candid pics

>> Interestingly(?), I finally spent the time to figure out how the dual
>> should be adjusted to work correctly and it starts and runs a lot better
> What is this process.  Maybe you can point to the best manual (It's not
>the Bentley).
You're supposed to just line up the marks on the choke and the carb. body
but that's a joke since the springs stretch over time.  Maybe I'm lazy but I
didn't want to figure out how to bend the springs back to their 'normal'
tension (yes, I have tried that before unsuccessfully).  From observing the
single choke on my brand-new-carbureted Single Cab, I let the car warm up
all the way, then let it cool for around 5 minutes.  I then turned the
chokes until they were just slightly closed, maybe 15% of the way, which is
actually one 'notch' on the fast idle cam inside the choke, you could figure
out what that looks like out prior to doing this.  It then started a lot
better when hot and prevented hesitation when cold.  Of course, you might
want to verify that the choke elements work at all before you try this
process, especially if you have a 6-volt Type 3.

If any of that did not make sense, point out the confusing parts and I will

>You should be afraid, from what I've know of the weirdo PO's for
>your Type 2's.  It would be difficult to set up living quarters
>in a Type 3...
I don't understand this comment.

Everett Barnes             The Volkswagen Type II and III Experience
everettb@prodigy.net          http://ebus.simplenet.com/Volkswagen

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