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more front clip help needed

I cant thank Dave enough for his help on how to get our Square back on the

I have a few more questions though.

We're most likely heading down 4th of July weekend to get our new notch and
take every possible thing we can get off this fastback.  Remember that all the
guy wants from it is the drivetrain axels and the Pans.  Everything else is

If you'll look at out square and it's damage
(http://members.aol.com/i959kombi/page1.html)  and try your best to answer
these few questions.  

Our clip isnt damaged all that far back (towards the windshield) and only on
one side.  THe body shop that was going to do the work (Carrols in glendale
AZ) was going to cut our clip off "halfway down" as Scott described it.  I
took this to mean they were going to cut it off right above the top of the
front tire (straighten the wheels, take the very center of the wheel and draw
a line straight upwards and I think that's about where they were going to cut)
so my question is this.  Since we can have our way with the fastback, can I be
a bit sloppy with my cutting (I havent even applied to med school so I'm
totally green at this) and cut the fastback's clip off just in front of the
pans (remember the other guy wants the pans)???..................the way I see
it is that I'll have almost half a clip (the back half.  from the front of the
pans to the middle of the clip where the AC canister is in the pictures at
above website) to "play" with .

We're nowhere close to starting to fix the square, but we want this clip cuz
it's free.  so if I cut the fastback clip off right in front of the pans, will
that be enough extra metal to play with when the time comes to line things up
with the square???

I think what I really need is to talk with someone on the phone.  If there's
anyone willing, I'll call and pay the LD charges, but I could better explain
myself verbally than through e-mail......p-mail me if you'd be willing

Any help appreciated............also...........we still dont have anything to
cut this clip off with.  If there's anyone willing to come and do it for us,
we'd be your best friend and reward you hadsomely.  This is becomming our
biggest problem.  We need proper tools to do this and we dont have any

Thanks again, sorry to keep nagging about this


71 Square (begging for help)
72 Notch (to be picked up 4th of July weekend)
7? Fastback (everything but pans, axles and drivetrain)
60 kombi
92 GTi

god and just one year ago, I only owned the GTi.......imagine me in 2 or 3

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