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Re: Sucked a valve

First, thanks to Jim and Mattz for 'splaining about the valves.

I went out to look at the camper van.  It wasn't a Westy with poptop, but one 
of those fixed-position high tops.

I LOVE to hear the recitation from the seller about the circumstances and
condition of a vehicle, THEN go look at it.  Does the word "discrepancies" mean 
anything to you?

The van had been sitting for EIGHT years.  The seller allowed as how the tires,
although flat, probably would be just fine since they still had tread on them!

If the thing sucked a valve, it must have sucked it out of the engine, thru the
tranny, up and down inside the body, across the dashboard, richoceted off the
ceiling, and out thru the front of the vehicle!  Or else a meteorite struck it....

In short, the camper was an impossible disaster that would require years of 
restoration and bags of money to fix.


Didn't make an offer on it 'cause I have too many projects (automotive and house)
going on at this moment.  May go back at the end of summer and offer a few bucks....

Oh well, again it was super to know that real people who actually know practical things
would voluntarily supply correct information to...a college librarian!  Is this a 
great country or what?


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