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Re: Sucked a valve

> [Due to frank language, parental discretion is advised]

It's okay, I called my dad and he said I could read it ;-)

> This afternoon I am going out to look at a '71 Type 2 Westy camper 
> (one can never have enough of those) which, I am told, "sucked a valve"
> (can they say that in Utah???).

They wish!

> What specifically does it mean when an engine "sucks a valve"?  Mechanically,
> what has happened?

The head broke off one of the valves, usually the #3 exhaust.  Then 
the piston tried to compress it into a space too small for it to fit. 
The piston is always destroyed.  The head is usually destroyed.  I 
have seen the opposite piston also be destroyed as well as a couple 
of rods and the cam.   The case is usually "okay" but sometimes beat 

> More important, if I tear the engine down, what should I expect to have to
> replace/repair?  Head?  Pistons/cylinders?  Other?

The usual is to just replace the pistons and cylinders, and one head, 
then do a valve job and replace all the exhaust valves.  I have seen 
engines where the only salvagable parts were the generator, flywheel, 
pulley, fan, sheet tin and carb, but this is unusual.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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